Leading the HVAC Industry Through

Experience, Innovation & Safety

Flowtech has been setting the benchmark in the HVAC commissioning and certification industry since 1995. Our technicians are highly experienced and have been trained both within Australia and internationally. We believe in providing a service that sets a benchmark within our industry.


Our experience in Commissioning and Validation makes Flowtech National the first choice in maintaining your Critical Mechanical Services.

Unlike traditional maintenance models that tend to be ‘reactive’ rather than proactive, Flowtech National firmly believes a well-maintained property will operate more efficiently, last longer and command a higher value.

When undertaking the delivery of a complex process, effective management is at the centre of any successful outcome.

We offer a complete range of pressure testing services including whole-of-building, individual room and mechanical ductwork.

We offer a fully comprehensive pipework pre-commission and chemical cleaning service for the HVAC industry.

With technical HVAC systems, more compressed construction periods and increasingly more specific building codes, our TAB technicians will be able to assist with any sized project.

Our Engineers are trained both within Australia and around the world to ensure your facility is managed in accordance with all standards and legislation.

Highly trained and experienced scientists and technicians performing testing in Flowtech’s NATA accredited laboratory ensure reliable and quality results for your product.

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