Mining & Offshore Capability – Varanus Island / Pyrenees FPSO


Job Description:

FlowtechWA offers our customers in the oil, gas and mining division a reliable solution to access certified and experienced engineers with a proven track record to commission and maintain HVAC plant on both land base and offshore mining operations.

Our engineers are familiar with operational and OH&S requirements for major mining, oil & gas companies.

By maintaining our OH&S qualifications and specific gap requirements for selected customers we ensure rapid deployment.

Our certifications include:

  • HUET
  • MSIC
  • Confined Space – Including RTIO & BHP gap
  • Working at Heights – Including RTIO & BHP gap
  • RTIO Personal Isolation Officer
  • RTIO Electrical Safety including Arch Flash
  • WA Electrical & Restricted Electrical Licence
  • Elevated Work Platform
  • Refrigerant Handling Licence

Our specialised services include:

  • Air & Hydronic Testing & Balancing
  • Chiller & Refrigeration Commissioning
  • NATA Clean Room Validation • HVAC Process Calibration
  • Process Water Testing & Treatment
  • AS 1668.3 2003 – Fire & smoke control in multi compartment buildings
  • AS 1851.2 2005 – Maintenance of fire protection equipment and systems
  • Hot & Cold Smoke Testing
  • Building & Duct Pressure Testing
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